Landesverein für Heimatpflege e.V.

Commercial (mini series)
Fly Like Dodo Film
Client: Landesverein für Heimtpflege e.V. (Bavarian association for the preservation of regional heritage)
Running time: 5 clips à 3 Minutes
Screening Format: 16:9 | HD ProRes | Stereo | Color
Year: 2021

Producer: Jonas Egert & Felix Riedelsheimer
DoP: Felix Riedelsheimer & Florian Strandl
Sound & Editing: Jonas Egert, Felix Riedelsheimer & Florian Strandl
Colorist: Florian Strandl
Music: Matthias Pürner

„The short films are not so much promotional films of the Landesverein as entertaining testimonies to the work of committed and very interesting people. They may thus be an inspiration and motivation for the viewer to join the Landesverein and/or become active himself.“ – Daniela Sandner, client.